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Nursery - part closure due to flood.


Just a quick note to keep you updated on what is happening with the Nursery.


As you are aware we came back to school on Monday 4th June 2018 to find that one of the cisterns in the toilet had a fault over the holiday and had flooded the Nursery. The water had spread through the cloakroom area on to the carpeted area and into the box room and soaked into the floor and under the wet area surface. We have had the assessors out over the last couple of days and the carpets and flooring all have to be removed and the floor dried out. We are still waiting for the delivery of dehumidifiers and confirmation of when the carpets can be fitted so until we can give you further information we have put an interim plan together for the next two weeks.


As you are aware, Nursery children are not of school age and therefore we do not have to open, however education is important and this is why we are trying to offer a reduced timetable to ensure children can attend. Due to the fact the new building was purpose built and paid for by the government we have to be using it for the 30 hour children, however by splitting the groups this means we can offer some days to the other children as well to ensure there is some continuity of education. We appreciate this has caused disruption for you and we are trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to get all the children back to their normal sessions. We would appreciate your support and understanding as this incident was purely out of our control.


Please see your individual letters for each colour group for days of when your child can attend.


If you have any queries please ring the school office.