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School Closure Homework


From all of the Nursery staff we wish you all a very ......

We hope that you are all enjoying your time at home and have managed to keep very busy.

Did you manage to exercise for 5 minutes every day last week?

We hope you all have a lovely Easter with lots of lovely treats.

We will back with more ideas for things to do at home at the end of the Easter holidays.



Continue to learn at home:

  • Share a story - ask lots of questions about what is happening and ask children to make predictions about what they think might happen next. Discuss whether they liked the story and why.
  • Sing some nursery rhymes together.
  • Practise counting objects.
  • Look for simple shapes in the environment e.g circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.
  • Go on a colour hunt around your home - see what you can find for lots of different colours.
  • Learn some of the Jolly Phonics songs (you can access these on You Tube or via an app).
  • Encourage children to make marks - drawing, colouring, writing and painting.
  • Encourage good pencil grip - holding a pencil with a tripod grip (two fingers and a thumb).
  • If children have scissors at home then encourage them to cut out simple shapes (help will be needed with this!)
  • Practise putting own coats on and fastening them up.
  • Practise writing their name (for the children starting school in September).
  • Have a go at some fine motor / pencil control sheets (link is in the phonics resources section).


The Reception staff would like to wish you all a very....          

   We hope that the sun shines and you can do lots of fun activities in your gardens, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise and looking for all the signs of Spring. We will be back on here at the end of the Easter holidays with some exciting new activities for you to do at home. 

Take care everyone.   


Year 1

The Year 1 staff would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter!


We miss you all and can't wait to see you again. Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your Easter Eggs!

Hello Year 1 

Hasn't the weather this week been amazing? Spring has arrived but how long will the sunny weather last? Have you been taking part in the Joe Wicks PE sessions? We'll all be superfit if we keep it up!

Don't forget to keep working on the Chilli Challenge tasks on our Year 1 Blue webpage.

Here are some bonus challenges you might like to have a go at next week.

                                                                                Weather diary

If you haven't had a go yet try keeping a weather diary. Check the weather twice a day and keep a record. Is it cold/cool/ warm or hot? Is a cold wind blowing or is there just a warm breeze. Have a go at predicting the weather for the next day.


Be an artist

Trying doing some sketching everyday. You could sketch different things or the same thing. Some artists create a self portrait everyday for a week and can see how their work improves

Fact finder

Our topic work is based on a painting Two Boys and a Girl Making Music. It was painted in a country called The Netherlands. Find out some facts about the Netherlands - where is it? What is famous for? Is there a king or Queen? What does their flag look like? Find out as much as you can.

Have fun and keep an eye out for new challenges.

Mrs Hutchesson, Mrs Lawson and Miss Shaw

Year 2

          All the staff in Year 2 would like to wish all of the children and parents a very happy Easter!

We hope that you have a lovely Easter break and enjoy doing all of the things that you love!

Be super good children for grown ups won't you? 

Keep an eye out after Easter for more fun activities for you to do.

Stay safe and have fun!



Happy Friday little ones!

We miss you but we hope you are having lots of fun at home.

I have been very busy this week doing school work and planting some pretty flowers in the garden.

Here's a fun Friday challenge if you would like something to do today.

Make your own funky binoculars and go on a minibeast hunt in your garden.



                                                                                    HAVE FUN!

Phonics Resources

Useful website links.

The following websites are offering free access to their home-learning resources:

Twinkl (Home learning packs available).

BrainPOP (subject-specific activities and games).


Other useful websites:

Arcade Skill Builders (Literacy and maths games).

Kids Spell (Create your own spelling lists and games).

Fun Brain (Maths, reading and spelling games). (Levelled spelling and vocabulary games). (Spelling rules, incl. vowels, blends, plurals etc).

ICT (Look, cover, write, check game).

SATs revision:


Subscribe to Joe's Youtube channel to take part:

David Walliams will be reading an audio story each day for children.

Click on the link to find out more:

Carol Vorderman is releasing free maths activities for children aged 4-11.

Click on the link to find out more: