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School Closure Homework


Hello Nursery,

It's time for a break and we hope that you all have a fantastic Summer holiday.



Thank you for all of your support over the last few months especially for the sharing of some fantastic Home Learning.

We look forward to seeing you all again in September!





Continue to learn at home


Holiday Time!

All the Reception staff would like to wish everyone a happy, safe and fun-filled Summer holiday! 

A huge thank you to you all for your support during the last few months - it means a lot.  

Just before we sign off for the Summer, Mrs Varney would like to share with you something she is very proud of.......


her home-grown, bright red strawberry!

See everyone in September!


A big "hello" to all the Reception children!  

How are you all?  We hope you've had a good week and managed to keep busy - it's been a very rainy week but hopefully the sunshine is on it's way!

Our final Home-Learning topic before the Summer holiday is based on a story called,

"Sharing a Shell."

We hope everyone is OK and you are all managing to keep busy, busy, busy!  This week we have lots of activities planned for you about "Summer and Sun Safety." 

It's been a couple of weeks since we looked at how well Mrs Varney's strawberry plants are goes!


Can you see the strawberry shape?  Hopefully, they will start to change colour soon!

Hello Reception we hope you are all well and you have been enjoying the lovely weather. At School we have been thinking about Sun Safety!


Here are some more activities for you at home. This week it is based on Farms. Enjoy!



Hello Reception!


We've had such a mixture of weather this week. 

We've had sunshine, thunder, lightning, wind and lots and lots of rain!

Mrs Varney's strawberry plants have definitely had plenty of water to help them to grow.

This is what they look like now...

This week, our home-learning topic is "Under the Sea."  Have fun exploring all the activities!



Hello Reception, what a wet and rainy week it has been. We are thoroughly enjoying using Seesaw, it is lovely to see and hear some of you.

Please find below some new activities for you to do at home based on the story 'The Enormous Turnip.'

We would just like to say a big well done to all the children completing the activities at home and a big thank you to the grown ups.

We are missing you all

Mrs Kelly & Mrs Varney


Hello Reception!

We hope you are all well.  The weather has changed over the last few days and it isn't as warm and sunny as it was last week.  A drop of rain is just what our grass and plants need to help them to grow.  

Mrs Varney is trying to grow some strawberry plants in her garden.  She is hoping that one day, she will be able to pick some fresh, juicy strawberries to eat.  This is what the plants look like so far...


We will let you know what happens to them over the next few weeks.

On our Home Learning this week, we are thinking about "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and Time.  Don't forget to explore the activities on Seesaw!!



Hello Reception. We hope you have had a fun half term. The Reception grown ups have enjoyed spending time in their garden's and Mrs Kelly has enjoyed walking to see the Cygnets which have now hatched.

We have planned some more activities for you to do at home.

Click the links below.


Hello Reception.

No new learning this week as it is half term. We will put new activities on next Friday 29th May.

We have enjoyed seeing some of your work on Seesaw. Have a lovely week!!

Mrs Kelly and Mrs Varney


Hello Reception!

We hope you are all well.  We are really excited to be able to start using Seesaw this week.  Mrs Kelly and Mrs Varney have been learning all about it.  We will be setting 5 activities on Monday 18th May.  Look out for your code so that you can log onto the program.  As well as Seesaw, we will keep planning the

"Home-Learning" topics for you to explore. 

This week it is all about "The Gruffalo" which we know you'll enjoy doing!

You will find a letter for you and you family with the planning too.

Hello Reception we hope you are all well. We have been busy in School this week making VE Day decorations to put on the School fence. The streets also look lovely with all the decorations.


Here are some new activities to do at home with your grown ups, click the links below.

We hope you enjoy learning about the 'Life Cycle of a Frog!'

There is lots of 'new life' with it being Spring time. The Reception adults have seen; Lambs, Ducklings and Foals on their daily walks. Mrs Kelly keeps checking up on a Swan's nest with 6 eggs. They should be hatching any day soon!




Hello Reception!

The weather hasn't been quite so sunny over the last few days but we hope you have still managed to get outside to play.  We've got lots of new activities for you to explore this week.

On Friday 8th May, it is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.  Ask your grown up to help you to find out about why VE Day is celebrated. The Royal British Legion have asked children to make posters and bunting to put in their windows as part of the celebrations.  There are links below where you'll find VE Day activities.


We have also added a link this week for "Oxford Owl."  You'll find lots and lots of reading books on there as well as other fun learning activities.


We hope you are all well and have enjoyed another sunny week!

Click the links below for some new activities to do at home.

Mrs Varney and Mrs Kelly love teaching this topic so we hope you enjoy it!

Hello Reception!  We hope you’ve had a fabulous Easter break.  All of the grown-ups from Reception have been busy doing jobs at home and in their gardens. We’ve made the most of the beautiful sunshine and we hope you have too!  

Click the Word link for some new activities to do at home.



The Reception staff would like to wish you all a very....          

   We hope that the sun shines and you can do lots of fun activities in your gardens, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise and looking for all the signs of Spring. We will be back on here at the end of the Easter holidays with some exciting new activities for you to do at home. 

Take care everyone.   


Year 1


Hello Year 1

We hope everyone is happy and well. Did you enjoy finding out about King Arthur?

This week we've another exciting legend to explore,click on the link below to meet a giant called Finn MacCool. The final theme of Children's art week is based around creative writing so try writing your own poems or stories. Maybe you could write about a giant!

It's also our last week of the Summer term so this will be the last home learning we share with you. We're busy in school starting to get ready for September when we hope we will see you all again.


Hello Year 1 

We hope you are all well and enjoyed finding out about Robin Hood. At school we began Children's Art week with some observational drawings of plants around the playground and were amazed at all the different shapes of flowers we found The honeysuckle was particularly interesting and we all liked the lovely scent it gave.  This week the theme is 'Connecting across the Generations'. You could ask a grown up to work with you to create a shared piece of art, or draw some pictures  to share with your family and friends. 

Have fun with this week's activities.


   Hello Year 1

We hope you are well and enjoying all the different weathers we are having this Summer. So far we've had very

hot days, very wet days, thunderstorms and even hailstones!  Children's Art Weeks will take place 29th June -

20th July and next week the theme is 

The Natural World

Try creating some weather based artwork or complete the 30 Days Wild Challenge with some drawings. Have fun and remember to check Seesaw for some new activities.

Hello again Year 1

What a week for the rain! It's been a very wet but we've seen some wonderful photographs  of some of you having a great time playing outside in the puddles. Let's hope we get some sunny weather soon so we can all dry out!

Here are some new activities for you to try at home and don't forget we'll be adding some more Seesaw activities soon.


Hello again Year 1

Here we are at the end of another busy week. We'd like to say a big "Thank you" to you and your grown ups for all your hard work.  We've really enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful things you are doing at home- we've even heard some children read!

 You may remember in March we planted some potatoes. Well, they've grown and next week the Year Ones who are in school will be harvesting them. We'll take lots of photographs and share them on our class page. We planted 3 potatoes in each bag- how many do you think there will be now?

Have fun!


Hello again Year 1

Another busy week for everyone. We hope you are all well and have managed to look at some of the 30 Day Wild Challenges. The weather may not have been great for playing outside but the rain has been very good news for plants. We've really enjoyed looking at the work you are posting on Seesaw and it's lovely to hear some of your voices again when you record yourself. It looks like some of some of you are brilliant chefs- we've seen  some amazing sandwiches, some truly delicious and some absolutely DISGUSTING!!

 If you are still having issues ask your grown up to check you are using Seesaw Class not Seesaw family as this has been the  problem for one or two people.

This week's home learning is based around one of our favourite topics- Castles.

Have fun!




Home Learning 8th June

 Happy 1st June Year 1!

We've added a bonus challenge for you.Take a look at the 30 Days Wild pages and see if you and your family are ready to take part! Have fun.

Hello again Year 1! We hope that you have all had a lovely half term week.

It has been wonderful to see the fantastic work that some of you have been doing on the Seesaw App.

We are really impressed and so happy to see you enjoying the activities.

We have prepared lots more home learning for you to choose from this week.

Have a look at the challenges here on the website and on the Seesaw App. You can do as many as you like.

Have fun and don't forget to share your work with us on Seesaw if you can.

Year 1 Home Learning 1st June

Hello Year 1

We hope you are all well and have enjoyed using the new Seesaw App. We have certainly enjoyed looking 

at the work that you have been doing.

I know some of you have had trouble logging on but we hope these issues will be resolved very soon.

We won't be putting any new learning on next week as it is half term.

Our next Home Learning and Seesaw activities will be available for you on Friday 29th May.

Happy Half Term from all of Year 1!

Hello Year 1

What an exciting week Year 1! We are finally ready to share our new Seesaw App with you! 

We have all been working hard to create some activities to share with you that we hope you will love. 

Please read the letter we have attached which will help to explain a few things.

Remember to look at our weekly plan too and choose the activities that you would like to complete.

Have fun!

Year 1 Home Learning 18th May


What a beautiful Spring week it has been! We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine.

We have all been busy preparing for our VE day celebrations. 

We have put some bunting up at school and on our houses. Maybe you could keep an eye out for 

the bunting on the school fence if you walk past? 

All of the teachers have been working hard to learn some new computer skills. We are hoping

that it will help us to share more activities and ideas with you while you are at home. 

Year 1 Home Learning 11th May

Hello Year 1


The weather may have been wetter this week but the plants have certainly enjoyed having a good drink! 

The other good thing about rain is that there are lots of lovely puddles to have fun jumping in! 

We have lots more exciting activities for you to have a go at on our home learning this week, including some 

extra ideas to help celebrate VE day on 8th May. Have a look and see what you would like to do.

Keep smiling Year 1 and we will see you all as soon as we can.


Year 1 Home Learning 4th May


Hello again Year 1.

Another week has passed and we are still missing you all so much. I wonder if you have all been as busy as we have?

Mrs Hutchesson had a wonderful time with the children who were in school on Tuesday. They were celebrating  

The Queen's birthday by designing and making some birthday cards.

Mrs Lawson had fun making rainbow hand prints on Thursday. If you happen to go past school on your daily walk you

can look out for them. They are decorating the school fence.

Miss Shaw has been busy reading. She loves reading and can't wait to get back to school so she can read

some of her favourite books to you.



Year 1 Home Challenges 24th April

Hello Year 1

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter. We've all been busy, Mrs Hutchesson has been gardening (and learning to knit!). Mrs Lawson has bought a litter picker and has been collecting  litter from the park on her daily walk  and Miss Shaw has been sorting out cupboards and taking her dog for daily walks.

Keep working on the challenges on our Year 1 class page and here are some new ideas for this week.

Year 1 Home Challenges 17th April

The Year 1 staff would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter!


We miss you all and can't wait to see you again. Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your Easter Eggs!

Hello Year 1 

Hasn't the weather this week been amazing? Spring has arrived but how long will the sunny weather last? Have you been taking part in the Joe Wicks PE sessions? We'll all be superfit if we keep it up!

Don't forget to keep working on the Chilli Challenge tasks on our Year 1 Blue webpage.

Here are some bonus challenges you might like to have a go at next week.

                                                                                Weather diary

If you haven't had a go yet try keeping a weather diary. Check the weather twice a day and keep a record. Is it cold/cool/ warm or hot? Is a cold wind blowing or is there just a warm breeze. Have a go at predicting the weather for the next day.


Be an artist

Trying doing some sketching everyday. You could sketch different things or the same thing. Some artists create a self portrait everyday for a week and can see how their work improves

Fact finder

Our topic work is based on a painting Two Boys and a Girl Making Music. It was painted in a country called The Netherlands. Find out some facts about the Netherlands - where is it? What is famous for? Is there a king or Queen? What does their flag look like? Find out as much as you can.

Have fun and keep an eye out for new challenges.

Mrs Hutchesson, Mrs Lawson and Miss Shaw

Year 2

Hello Year 2.

We hope you had a good week. It looks like you have all been up to some fabulous activities. 

This is the last week of homework as it is the last week of school! 

I am super excited for the six week holidays as I am going on holiday. Are you going anywhere nice? 


I have also uploaded lots of transition activities for you to complete to get you ready for your new school. 

Have a great week! 

Hello little ones

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

This week we are thinking about keeping fit and healthy.

It is such a shame that we didn't get to have our usual Larklands sports day so we

have come up with some super sports activities that you can have a go at at home.

Don't forget to also have a look at the activities on Seesaw,

we love seeing what you have been up to.


Good afternoon Year 2!

What a change in the weather compared to last week. 

This week we have seen the two hottest days this year. Reaching 32 degrees at one point.

I hope you have had lots of fun in the sunshine and had lots of suncream on. 

Here is this week's homework.

We are looking at a bear playing the piano!

Have a good week.

Hello again Year 2

What a wet and rainy week it has been!

Did you see the thunder storm? Wasn't it amazing?

We're glad to see that rain hasn't stopped play.

It's lovely to see so many happy, smiling faces on Seesaw; you have all been getting so creative!

Thank you to all of the grownups for your ongoing support.

We miss you all!



This week's home-learning is all about pirates and we are learning the oral story 'Pirate Adventure' Argh!

Click on the Word document to find out more.

Hello Year 2!

We hope you are all keeping well.

Miss Bush is enjoying being inside with a great book to read while the weather is rainy. 

Although, it is supposed to be getting better this weekend!


This weeks homework is looking at eSafety. 

Chicken accidentally buys lots of things on the internet!

Have a good weekend and a very exciting week.

Hello again Year 2!

We hope you are all ok.

We have loved seeing all of the things that you have been doing on Seesaw, it looks like lots of you have been busy making scarecrows. Miss Powers has seen some of them on her daily walks, they all look fab!

Our topic this half-term is ' Beachcombers' and is all about the seaside, sea life and coastal areas.

To start with we are learning about a story called 'The Rainbow Fish'. 

Click on the Word document to find out more. 

Good morning Year 2.

We hope you had a fabulous half term and did all the things you love!

This week there is some homework for you looking at the Gorilla and we have put some fun activities on Seesaw too.

We can't wait to see what you have been up to. 

Hello Year 2! 

We hope you have been having fun at home and keeping safe. 

Next week is half term, that has come around quick!

​​​​​​​Miss Bush and Miss Powers have really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to at home. 

We will not be setting any work over the half term, as you have been busy bees at home and deserve a break. 

​​​​​​​A big well done to the adults at home, you all need a medal!

Make sure you make time for yourself. 

​​​​​​​Enjoy spending time doing the things you love over half term.

Family time is so precious. 

Stay safe.

Hello again Year 2!

We are so excited to be launching the new Seesaw app!

We cannot wait to see all of the amazing things that you have been doing at home.

Keep an eye out on Seesaw on Monday for some fun activities for you to do.

For now, here are some other things that you can be getting on with. 

Hello Year 2! 

We hope you had a good time celebrating VE Day. I made lots of bunting for around my house. 

Did you make bunting? How about your own Spitfire plane?

Have a good week!

      Hello Year 2



We hope you are all safe and well. 

We miss you but we hope that you are all having lots of fun at home.

Have you been out clapping for the NHS? I heard someone with a saucepan.

This week is a very special week.



Hello Year 2

We hope you are ok.

Lots of us have been busy making rainbows to put in our windows.

Have you got one in your window? I wonder how many rainbows you can spot on your daily walk.

We hope that you enjoyed all of the Simon Sock activities last week

Have a look at the document below for some more fun things to do.


Welcome Back Year 2!

We hope you have had a lovely Easter break!

The sun has been shining which is fantastic. Have you been out in your garden? It is so important that we all exercise and keep fit.

Click on the word link below for some new activities to do at home.

Don't forget to also keep working on the Chilli Challenges.

          All the staff in Year 2 would like to wish all of the children and parents a very happy Easter!

We hope that you have a lovely Easter break and enjoy doing all of the things that you love!

Be super good children for grown ups won't you? 

Keep an eye out after Easter for more fun activities for you to do.

Stay safe and have fun!



Happy Friday little ones!

We miss you but we hope you are having lots of fun at home.

I have been very busy this week doing school work and planting some pretty flowers in the garden.

Here's a fun Friday challenge if you would like something to do today.

Make your own funky binoculars and go on a minibeast hunt in your garden.



                                                                                    HAVE FUN!

Phonics Resources

Useful website links.

The following websites are offering free access to their home-learning resources:

Twinkl (Home learning packs available).

BrainPOP (subject-specific activities and games).


Other useful websites:

Arcade Skill Builders (Literacy and maths games).

Kids Spell (Create your own spelling lists and games).

Fun Brain (Maths, reading and spelling games). (Levelled spelling and vocabulary games). (Spelling rules, incl. vowels, blends, plurals etc).

ICT (Look, cover, write, check game).

SATs revision:


Subscribe to Joe's Youtube channel to take part:

David Walliams will be reading an audio story each day for children.

Click on the link to find out more:

Carol Vorderman is releasing free maths activities for children aged 4-11.

Click on the link to find out more: