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Welcome to Larklands Nursery!

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Teacher - Miss Morgan

We are very excited to welcome you to the Nursery class page where we will keep you up to date on our learning journey!

In our 'What's new?' page, you will find out about what is happening in Nursery. This is where all our important notices are kept, so check it out regularly!
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Have you filled in a WOW voucher this week?


In your child's book folder, there is an envelope with lots of blank vouchers ready to complete. As parents, you are your child's main educator and you know them best! What have they achieved lately? What can they do that they have not been able to do before?
Write it on a voucher and give it to your child's key worker who will record it as part of your child's learning journey! 

We have been thinking about what we would like to learn about in Nursery. Much of our planning is child interest led and our children have come up with some super ideas.
Here is someone who can help!



This is Wish Wizard .....Have you spotted him in the entrance hall to Nursery?
He would love to know what exciting activities you would like to do or what you would like to know about.
Check out his blog by clicking on Wish Wizard and logging in!



At Larklands Nursery we love reading and it plays a great part in our learning. We are always looking for new ways to inspire children to read and enjoy books.
What is your favourite book?

Go to Mrs Astle's blog by clicking on her 'wee mee' picture below, login and let her know why it is your favourite!

It makes an interesting read, have a browse, Mums and Dads, what was your favourite story when you were little and why?



We have also extended our Reading Corner. Reading is of great importance to all children and in Nursery we all love listening to and talking about stories. 




We use the ECAT (Every Child A Talker) materials to extend our communication and language skills.
Click on Sid the Stingray to find out about what we have been talking about!




We are very lucky at Larklands Nursery to have two Level 3 qualified Forest School leaders, Miss Banks and Mrs Williamson. They run a six week long program with a group of ten children in the 'forest' at the rear of the school.
At Larklands Nursery we understand the importance of outdoor learning in the lives of young children and ensure that every effort is made to use our grounds and resources to their full potential. We have seen first hand the impact the sessions have on the children in terms of self-confidence and self-awareness, understanding the world and increased progress with communication and language skills.

Click below to find out more about what the Nursery children have been doing during their time in Forest Schools. (scroll all the way down)


Getting Ready for Nursery 




are working together to offer 'Getting Ready for Nursery' sessions for children who are a term away from starting Nursery at Larklands. They will be held at Larklands Nursery at a time which will be determined by the number of children attending and  each session lasts an hour and after the initial session where you stay and play with your child, you can drop your child off and collect them an hour later for the rest of the sessions. They will be led by Larklands staff and fully qualified staff from our local children's centre, Karen, who is equally excited about providing this valuable opportunity to the children in the Larklands area.




During these sessions your child will have opportunities to join in with the activities that the rest of the Nursery children are taking part in and will also have a separate group time. Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development are the prime areas of the EYFS that we will be mainly focussing on. Your child will have a Learning Journal displaying their progress and achievements which will follow your child through to their start at Larklands Nursery.

This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with our local children's centre and to prepare the children in our area for the learning journey which they are about to embark on and we are very proud to be a part of such a project!

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your teacher know!

Picture 1 More 'Rio' dancing
Picture 2 More 'Rio' dancing
Picture 3 'Rio' dancing
Picture 4 'Rio' dancing
Picture 5 Kite making
Picture 6 Flag drawing
Picture 7 More noodle tasting
Picture 8 Noodle tasting!
Picture 9 Bonsai trees
Picture 10 free style dancing - African drumming
Picture 11 Cobra pose - Yoga
Picture 12 Playing in the travel agents!
Picture 13 Phonics time - CVC words!
Picture 14 Djembe drums!
Picture 15 Digging day!
Picture 16 Digging day!
Picture 17 Digging day!
Picture 18 Digging day!
Picture 19 Digging day!
Picture 20 Digging day!
Picture 21 Digging day!
Picture 22 Digging day!
Picture 23 Digging day!
Picture 24 Digging day!
Picture 25 Writing our Easter cards!
Picture 26 Easter egg weaving!
Picture 27 A spring walk!
Picture 28 Counting frogs!
Picture 29 Examining the tadpoles!
Picture 30 Wow, super letter formation!
Picture 31 Playing teachers!
Picture 32 Working with an artist!
Picture 33 Our visiting artist!
Picture 34 We are super artists!
Picture 35 Longer and shorter!
Picture 36 Making our muscles stronger outside!
Picture 37 Tea party time!
Picture 38 ooooooh spiders! Put him somewhere safe!
Picture 39 We are brilliant at working together!
Picture 40 Super work on Purplemash!
Picture 41 Bigger and smaller!
Picture 42 10 yellow daffodils growing in the garden!!
Picture 43 Large scale daffodil painting!
Picture 44 SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!
Picture 45 Great drawing!
Picture 46 Is it a plane?
Picture 47 Investigating with cars, bridges and slopes!
Picture 48 Are you a tiger's friend?
Picture 49 Painting tiger stripes
Picture 50 Future bakers!
Picture 51 Choosing books is great!
Picture 52 Our house band
Picture 53 Pennies please for the delivery driver!
Picture 54 A visit to the doctors!
Picture 55 Fine motor skills!
Picture 56 PC Joe
Picture 57 People who help us!
Picture 58 People who help us - A hairdresser came to visit!
Picture 59 Super counting and number recognition!
Picture 60 First signs of Spring!
Picture 61 We love large scale mark making outside!
Picture 62 We know how to dial 999 in an emergency!
Picture 63 Mmmm toast, milk and a chat!
Picture 64 Internet Safety Day - Superhero Sid!
Picture 65 Careful mark making!
Picture 66 Turn taking in the 'hairdressers'!
Picture 67 Birdswatch! Our super bird hide!
Picture 68 Forest schools time for yellow group!
Picture 69 Chinese mark making, it is very tricky!
Picture 70 Making chinese lanterns, super cutting!
Picture 71 Chinese New Year celebrations!
Picture 72
Picture 73
Picture 74
Picture 75
Picture 76
Picture 77
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Picture 79
Picture 80
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Picture 108
Picture 109
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Picture 113
Picture 114
Picture 115
Picture 116
Picture 117
Picture 118
Picture 119
Picture 120
Picture 121
Picture 122
Picture 123
Picture 124
Picture 125
Picture 126
Picture 127
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Picture 170
Picture 171
Picture 172
Picture 173
Picture 174
Picture 175
Picture 176
Picture 177 Fun inside while it's snow outside!
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Picture 182
Picture 183
Picture 184
Picture 185
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