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Reception Gold

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Reception 2014 - 2015
Welcome to Reception Gold!
Class teacher 
Mrs Kelly
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Barlow, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Gibling,
Mrs Dickens, Mrs Macrae,
Mrs Murden, Mrs Holt.


Summer 2 2015
The Great Outdoors!
During our final topic in Reception we will be exploring the great outdoors!
We will be thinking about gardens and growing. We will visit Mrs Bailey's garden and the farm. We will hunt for minibeasts in our conservation area and keep real caterpillars in our classroom, watching them as they grow and change. We hope that the sun shines so that we can spend lots of time outside.
On Tuesday the 9th June we went to Stonehurst Farm. We had a fantastic day looking at all the different animals- we even stroked some of them. We went on a tractor trailer ride around the farm, it was very bumpy! We enjoyed our picnic and playing on the big park.
Summer 1 2015
Let's Go!!
This half term we will be talking and learning about different types of transport.  We will also be thinking about people who help us.


What a busy few weeks we've had!!! We enjoyed 'Eco day' helping to plant lots of flowers and seeds. We all looked wonderful in our green clothes!
On Friday we had our balance bike training. We tried really hard and enjoyed the challenge.     
Spring 2 2015
Once Upon a Time...
During this half term we will be hearing lots of different stories and getting involved in a variety of activities about them. It will be World Book Day in March and this will give us the chance to share our favourite stories in school. We will also be exploring the outdoors for signs of Spring.
On Welly Wednesday this week we used the sticks and leaves to make a house for the Easter Bunny! We also made bunny ears and rode our bikes to deliver the eggs. We enjoyed using the mud to paint pictures of Easter eggs. 



On Wednesday 11th March, we had our first Welly Wednesday!  We brought our wellington boots to school and spent all morning exploring the outdoors.  We paddled through muddy water, planted pansies in old boots, built fantastic cars and trains using the crates and tyres and worked as a team to tidy up the Bug Hotel ready for the Spring.  We had great fun!!



On Tuesday 3rd March, we listened to the story of "The Gruffalo" by Julia Donaldson.  We have been doing lots of Gruffalo activities throughout the week including going on a Gruffalo hunt.  Our favourite activity was making Gruffalo crumble!! See our Gallery for photographs.
On Tuesday 17th February we celebrated Pancake Day in Reception. After listening to a story called Mr Wolf's Pancakes, we made a wolf mask, designed our own pancakes and wrote a list of ingredients needed for making them.  Our favourite part of the day was when we ate yummy pancakes made by Mrs Bailey.  Look in our gallery to see photographs of our busy day!



On Thursday the 19th February we watched a DVD about a family celebrating Chinese New Year.
We worked in groups to recreate our own Chinese dragon movements and music. We found out which year we were born in and designed our own lucky money and Chinese Dragons.
Best of all we got to taste delicious stir fried vegetables and noodles.


Spring 2015
European Topic


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This half term we will finding out about different places in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France and Poland.
During the first 2 weeks of this term, we have been thinking about the UK.  We have ...
- found out about the Queen,
- designed our own coins,
- listened to Katie Morag stories,
- created our own tartan,
- listened to Professor Pop Up tell the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" using a story box and puppets, 
- sequenced pictures and made our own puppets based on characters from the story,
- used instruments to add sounds to the story...
What a busy start to the year!!



Autumn 2014
Super Special Me!
During this term, we will be thinking about ourselves and lots of special celebrations. We will talk about our families and pets and have visitors in school to give us first hand, exciting experiences. Autumn is a very busy time of the year, with lots of celebrations and festivals, including; Harvest, Diwali, Sukkot, Bonfire Night and Christmas.



We have had a very busy start to the term in Reception. We have been thinking about Birthdays and how they are celebrated. We printed wrapping paper using shapes, made party hats and rice crispy cakes. Yum yum!



We've had an exciting time this week, thinking about Ilkeston Fair!  We looked at lots of different fairground rides on the internet and made our own big wheels using split pins.



On Friday 17th October it was our Autumn Workshop.  We made hedgehogs, Autumn crowns, squirrels, leaves and scarecrow biscuits.  We were very very busy! 
Thank you to everyone for all your help.



On Tuesday 21st October, Kate and Gill from Warburtons came to visit us.  We found out about baking bread and we created our own little loaves - take a look in our gallery below to see all the fantastic shapes we made.  The bread tasted delicious!
It was Bonfire Night on Wednesday, so we shared our experiences and became involved in lots of creative activities.  We talked about keeping safe on Bonfire Night and watched Wellyphant on the internet.  We were very excited about tasting hot dogs and mushy peas!

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Picture 54 Our first Welly Wednesday!
Picture 55 Our first Welly Wednesday!
Picture 56 Our first Welly Wednesday!
Picture 57 Our first Welly Wednesday!
Picture 58 Our first Welly Wednesday!
Picture 59 Our first Welly Wednesday!
Picture 60 Our first Welly Wednesday!
Picture 61 Our first Welly Wednesday!
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Picture 106 Bonfire night activities!
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Picture 112 Bonfire night activities!
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