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Larklands Infant School

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School Uniform

A sensible uniform pattern of clothing for school encourages a smart appearance and gives the children a sense of pride in themselves and a corporate identity with the school. Therefore we would ask that parents purchase clothing within the school’s specified dress code colours as follows:-


·         White / grey /gold shirt or blouse;

·         Grey / Burgundy jumper or cardigan, no hoodies;

·         Grey / Black trouser, Not jeans;

·         Grey /Black / Burgundy skirt or pinafore dress;

·         Red or yellow and white striped or checked dress for summer


Footwear should provide adequate safe cover to the feet (not trainers) but easy for the children to cope with unaided. Black or brown are the recommended colours.


Please could you provide the following items for P.E. They will need to be in a clearly labelled bag and will be kept in school and sent home each holiday.


*Black/Navy Shorts *Plain White T-Shirt *Trainers *Sweatshirts *Jogging bottoms 
Sweatshirts and Jogging Bottoms should be black or navy.


An old oversized shirt or T- shirt is required for art and craft lessons.

Please label all items clearly.


Jewellery is NOT ALLOWED for school. If a child has pierced ears, studs only should be worn to school and these should be removed or taped over on P.E. days. If you wish your child’s ears to be taped over, please send in micro pore tape in their P. E bag.


Sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces and a number of other items bearing the school logo are available from the school office.